about us

The Akademische Ruderverein zu Leipzig e.V. (ARVL) is your rowing club in the heart of
Leipzig. In its long history, the ARVL has been home to professional and recreational rowers
alike. Formerly part of Leipzig University, it is now an independent club which unites rowers
from all walks of life, be it ambitious young rowers eager to compete or seniors who wish to
go out on the water for a casual row.

Our club life does not only revolve only - if mostly - around rowing. We have regular events
and festivities at our club: regulars’ table on Wednesdays, summer & christmas parties and -
of course - regularly participate in competitions as well. Sounds good?

We welcome Juniors in the age between 8 and 18. Unfortunately, we do not offer beginner courses for adults on the Seniors and Masters level.

Our rowers are organised in the following teams:

Group Age Training* Coach
Kids (m/w) 9-14 Tue 4 - 6 pm
Thu 4 - 6 pm
Sat 9 am - 2 pm
Elisabeth Liebmann
Marcel Sittner: E-Mail
Juniors (m/w) 15-18 Wed 3 - 6 pm
Fri 3.30 - 5.30 pm
Hans Bisanz: E-Mail
Lisa Zimmermann
Women I (w) 18-40 Tue 6 - 8 pm
Thu 6 - 8 pm
Sun 5 pm
Anne J. Schieck: E-Mail
Nicola Kress
Women II (w) from 41 Wed 6 - 8 pm Silvia Schröder: E-Mail
Master Men from 27 Wed 6.30 - 8 pm
Fri 6 - 8 pm
Peter Antosch
Olaf Gelsen: E-Mail
Master Men G-K 65-87 Mo 3 - 6 pm Jürgen End
Novices II (m/w) from 17 Fri 4 - 6 pm Kersten Kraft: E-Mail
Stefan Gürtler: E-Mail
Seniors (m/w) 18-26 Mo 6 - 8 pm
Fri 6 - 8 pm
Marcel Sittner
Niels Elison: E-Mail
corporate team
from 18 Mo 6 - 8 pm Werner Riemann

* Training times might change during the year due to available light and allocated slots at training facilities (tank, erg room). Each group may decide to add or reschedule training sessions.

If you wish to participate, please just write an email. It would be great if you could already tell us how experienced you are. If you have experience, we will happily include you in one of our groups. If you are a cox, look no further, we already love you.

If you are a beginner over the age of 18 without any experience we recommend to first take rowing classes at Leipzig University, since our beginners groups are usually full and there are long waiting times.

Please note that - although located right next to the grounds of Leipzig University - the ARVL does not belong to the University and does not have a varsity rowing team. Still undecided? Check out our facebook and instagram accounts for some up-to-date pictures.

See you soon!

NOKERA Plannings GmbH
Förderung durch Stadt Leipzig, Amt für Sport
Förderung durch SAB Sachsen